Virus & Malware Removal

Do you find your computer is displaying strange messages, redirecting you to suspect websites or are you receiving unsolicited email/spam or have a lot of popup advertisements displaying?  This is normally due to either virus, malware, spyware infections on your computer. You may also find that your computer has slowed down – this is also normally due to a virus or other types of infections being present.

Below is an example of a rogue error message informing of malware infections on a computer. Malware and rootkit infections are actually more common than viruses these days. These are bugs that compromise your PCs security and can even mine data from the system. When these messages appear it often does mean there is some form of malware / adware / spyware activity on your computer. 

Many types of infections try to force you to buy programs that are actually infections themselves and purchasing them means the individuals behind these viruses/bugs now have your credit card details, opening unwary users to possible future card fraud.

As malware generally operates differently from how a virus works, not even the best anti-virus protection can protect your computer 100% from malware and other similar infections.

We use many different processes to remove infections and custom cater to each unique situation.  Our experienced technicians aproach each infection differently, judging how best to remove the bugs on an individual basis.  We will then protect your system from future infections by installing anti-virus and anti-spyware software and by performing critical updates to drivers and operating system files.

Take the headache away.  Allow us to properly clean your computer for you.