Providing Solutions For All Your PC Problems…

As small business and home office specialists we understand every computer is important to you, and with it experiencing problems your business could be down or important emails are being missed; all of us here are totally committed to doing whatever it takes to keep you moving along with minimum interruption.

At Compu-Silv we offer a wide array of Services consisting of:

  •  Home or Business Computer repairs
  •  Computer Upgrades
  •  Custom Built Computers
  •  PC Repair
  •  New Computer Setup
  •  Fault finding
  •  Internet Email set-up and support
  •  Operating System Upgrades
  •  PC Maintenance
  •  Software installation
  •  Upgrades
  •  Internet Problems
  •  Networking

PC Diagnostics

Our standard bench fee includes diagnostics of your computer in which we wither fix it or advise you what further work needs to be done to fix your problem and how long that may take.

Our bench fee also applies to the replacement / installation of common peripheral devices in dekstops (RAM, CD/DVD drivers, ethernet cards, etc.).

PC Maintenance Package

Is your computer infected with a virus or malware? We’ll find out what’s wrong and fix it.

Our Service includes:

  • Removal of malware and viruses from your computer
  • Installation & configuring tools to make your computer safe
  • Recommendations on how you can keep your computer safe in the future

On-Site Service Technician

Our on-site technician will ensure that all your needs are met.
Set up, streamline, and personalize your new computer to fit your needs. We can also show you how to get the most out of your computer.
Set up and configure your wireless network with your printer and other devices.
Set up your computer in your desired location including cable management.

$90.00 /hour

Software Install & Setup

Get that important piece of software up and running on your PC.

Service Includes:

  • Help install or remove one piece of software (software not included)
  • Determine if the computer is compatible with the software.
  • Perform necessary software updates. Import up to 100mb of data into the application, if upgrading
  • Create desktop, Start menu, and Quick Launch Shortcuts

Pre-requisites: Working high-speed Internet connection, purchased software or willingness to purchase software from an online store.

Wireless Network Setup

Service includes:

  • Check if encryption is enabled
  • Check to see if SSID broadcasting is enabled
  • Examine your PC for file sharing programs
  • Check if the firewall is enabled: If not, we’ll secure it and network one PC
  • Troubleshoot wireless connection issues, including one PC

Customer Pre-requisites: Working high-speed Internet connection, Wireless Router, at least one working PC wired to your network. Username and Password.

Data Backup

We’ll set up a backup system for your important files and show you how to access them.

Service includes:

  • Backup important files
  • Schedule important backups
  • Teach you how to back up your files and access your backed up data

Customer Pre-requisites: Working high-speed Internet connection, back up your important files, schedule regular backups, teach you how to back up your files and access your backed up data. Operating system that supports backup or 3rd party backup software. DVD writer or external hard drive to back up data.