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Pivos XIOS XS Media Center with TOFU OS

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The XIOS XS is the all-in-one entertainment center allowing you to fully customize your media experience. Easily organize and playback videos, pictures, music, movies, check the weather, and much more. The TOFU Media Center virtually supports all available codecs on the Internet today

.TOFU let’s you customize your experience from what goes in the menu bars to a number of add-ons to get the most of your media center. Select the colors, wallpapers, functions, and you can even let TOFU find the cover art for your own media files. There are endless possibilities and knobs to fine-tune it to just the way you like it.

TOFU Media Center allows you to download add-ons such as RSS, mail checker, album art downloader, and much more in our open-source repository. We even go a step further as the XIOS XS is Android based, it allows you to access Google Play Store apps directly from the TOFU Media Center. This means, you can easily integrate popular apps such as Angry Birds, Hulu, Netflix, and other Google Play apps!