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Custom Built Systems

Why should I choose a system from Compu-Silv Computers?

  • All systems use industry standard parts from reputable Manufacturers like Intel, AMD, Western Digital, Kingston and others.
  • All systems are built in-house & warrantied in-house.  There’s never a 1-800 number to call.
  • All systems are benchmarked and thoroughly burned in to ensure optimal operation before delivery.
  • We install no bloatware, adware, spyware, or programs that you don’t need.
  • Most Compu-Silv desktop systems carry a two-year parts, two-year labour warranty standard – unmatched in the industry.
  • We are an Intel Associate member, and a Microsoft partner.

Brands Used

The best parts make the best PCs.

The value of good system is not what it costs, but what it can provide.  By using only the best parts from the most reputable manufacturers, our systems provide our clients with a superior computer experience.  If you have only purchased a PC from a box store in the past, we will do better;  we offer a level of service the box stores simply can’t match.  PC systems don’t have to be buggy, slow and unreliable – Experience the Compu-Silv difference today!

It’s not just about the parts either – it’s about the craftsmanship. When you get a system from Compu-Silv Computers, you’re not just pulling something off of a shelf – you’re getting a machine that was built with pride by local technicians.  Every wire is meticulously placed, every component thoroughly tested. Our systems don’t leave our shop until they are done. Period.

If the parts and workmanship wasn’t enough – you also get our service.  Tired of being put on hold while you wait for an inexperienced rep from a call center to answer? Time and time again, we’ve gotten calls and e-mails from customers just telling us how much our service means to them.  Most new Compu-Silv systems include a two-year hardware, six year labour warranty as well as 30 days of Compu-Silv’s Concierge service.  If you have a software issue, we can often remotely connect and take care of it.

In short, our systems are more reliable, they are faster, they do more, and we back them up with our service. Compu-Silv Computers is a different kind of system builder, and we would be happy to build the best computer you have ever owned!

Warranty Statement:

Complete New Desktop system warranty: 2 Years Parts / 2 years labour unless otherwise indicated.

Original manufacturer’s warranty applies to Notebooks, Monitors, Printers, Scanners and Peripherals and is not covered by system warranty.

Warranty covers hardware only. Software problems including but not limited to drivers, virus and/or spyware are not covered by warranty.

Warranty void if goods are physically damaged. This includes power surge and smoke related damage to parts and fans.

Warranty covers manufacturer’s defect only. Damage caused by dust and dirt related fan failure is not covered under warranty.

As warranty is trackable by the use of a warranty sticker that we apply, your warranty will be void if any sticker is removed from product.