Is that sluggish computer giving you a headache?
Do you find yourself waiting what seems to be an unreasonable amount of time for applications to open or perform standard tasks?

Computer Maintenance Includes:
  • Checking startup and system tray for unnecessary programs and services
  • Removal of unnecessary temporary files including Internet cache files and other bulky data such as recycle bin hidden data
  • Checking common programs and ensuring system registry is functioning properly
  • Performing critical Windows and other software updates including drivers
  • Optimizing the system to its full potential
  • Running disk checks to correct any errors and optimize performance
  • We check the power supply (if applicable) and fans for excess dust and debris build-up. Cable tie and tidy of machine internals may be performed to increase airflow if required.

We specialize in virus & malware removal, deletion of system-clogging temporary files, stopping of unnecessary programs at start-up, as well as improving boot and shut down times. In short, our PC Maintenance tune-up package helps make a computer run like it should – eliminating sluggish reaction times and improving overall system performance.

Having your PC maintained is an excellent way to revitalize an older system.

Don’t let your PC fall into this kind of condition, our maintenance includes a thorough cleaning of the inside of the computer. Too much dust can potentially lead to disasters – such as overheating and system failure.